Making full Use of your Conservatory

It seems a shame that many of our customers spend vast amounts of money on their most valuable asset, their house. They have conservatories built so they can enjoy the view over their gardens or to give greater outside space. Many extensions and conservatories built become far too hot and uncomfortable with the heat and glare making it impossible to relax and enjoy the areas.

Internal View Through Roof of Conservatory with Solar Bronze Film

Internal View Through Roof of Conservatory with Solar Bronze Film

The systems used to build conservatories are very similar to a large greenhouse. The suppliers do not seem to offer the customer the correct advice about overheating, glare and Ultra-Violet fading. This is usually the case for advice or lack of advice relating to the elevation the building is on and what type of materials is to be used for the roof. Whether it is glass, polycarbonate or filled in.

The result is an expensive white elephant. You have paid to have a building built so you can sit and relax when in reality you just cannot use the room when you really want to. We have had customers report temperatures in their conservatories in excess of 100 degrees Fahrenheit without film.

The major culprit of the overheating is normally through the roof area in the summer months. This is because the sun is at its highest point in mid-June, so the heat input through the roof is very high as the angle is almost directly straight into the building.

Many customers have had blinds fitted once the heat problem has become apparent. However this will reduce the direct sun glare but it is not sufficient to reduce the temperature to a satisfactory level. The reason being that the blind is a few inches away from the surface of the glass or polycarbonate.However this does not stop the heat input once the sun shines onto the surface. As the units are normally doubled glazed or twin walled the heat is transmitted through the substrate and strikes onto a surface, floor, furniture or wall and is changed into a different form of energy. Convected heat is what you can feel but not see. A car’s heating system is an example. You can feel the heat but cannot see it. Once this heat is within the building it gets trapped between the blind and the roof structure and you cannot get rid of it without mechanical means such as air conditioning, which is very expensive. The conservatory can become like a furnace. Air currents within the building then start to move this hot air around. The temperature then starts to soar. Blinds also tend to trap and kill all sorts of insects such as flies, wasps and spiders between the blinds and the external surface.

We offer a variety of materials to help solve this problem so your money is not wasted. If the roof structure is glass we can offer choice of window films to suit your particular needs, see “our commercial window film” section.
If it is a twin walled polycarbonate we have a choice of two products. The first being a reflective paint that has been manufactured specifically for this type of substrate. It has a translucent white matt finish.This is normally applied to the external side and will reduce the heat input dramatically. It reflects up to 85% of the heat and reduces UV up to 90%. The paint reduces the heat into the building whilst still allowing a degree of light.

The solar reflective paint can work out more economical as the installation is normally quicker as it is applied to the external surface, weather permitting.

Our Deluxe film Silver Shade 20 HC is a vinyl based metalized film.

Inside view of Conservatory Roof with Deluxe Silver Shade Film applied

Inside view of Conservatory Roof with Deluxe Silver Shade Film applied

The benefits are as follows:-

  • Has a high solar heat and glare rejection
  • High performance metallised PVC coating
  • Excellent day and night time privacy
  • Low mirror appearance
  • Diffused light grey tint when viewed internally
  • Can help create a more uniformed glazed area
  • Blinds may be removed thereby improving light transmission and reducing the requirement for cleaning and maintenance
    Removes Ultra Violet light, reducing fading of fabrics, furnishings and interiors.

Installation is quick and efficient usually applied on the inside but can go externally; therefore your conservatory will be ready for use for you to enjoy when the sun does shine. You will be able at last to enjoy the view, in comfort of your own extension or conservatory!