Solar Reflective Paints & Coatings

solar reflective paint

Before and after Solar Reflective Paint applied to rooflights.Ones in foreground untreated.

Solar reflective paints and coatings are an ideal alternative to a standard window film.

In some instances it is not practical or financially possible to utilize a window film.

Solar reflective paint is ideal for application to polycarbonate or glass surfaces. It is normally applied to the external side onto the substrate. It can also be applied onto glass.

Solar Reflective Paint is a translucent paint which reduces the suns’ heat by as much as 70%. The benefit is still allows a degree of light to pass through from the outside while reducing the heat input dramatically.

roof light with solar reflective paint applied

roof light with solar reflective paint applied

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  • 2.5 Litre – £59.95 plus £12.00 delivery (£71.95 Total)
  • 5 litre – £94.95 plus £15.00 delivery (£109.95 Total)
  • 20 Litre – £333.00 plus £45.00 delivery (£378.00 Total)

Please be advised the product is a solvent based translucent Matt paint and it is not possible to get an even finish appearance from the underside. This is due to more of the paint being applied during application on the overlapping giving the effect of the finish being patchy. If this is going to be a problem we advise you not to order. Is it better to be able to enjoy YOUR space without the discomfort of excessive heat and glare or have a clear roof and not be able to use the space due to extreme temperatures?

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It is manually applied by a brush, good quality emulsion roller (not a foam roller) or spray. The customer can decide (by thinning but no more than 10%) how dark or light he wants the coating to be. Thinner required is Xylene. However remember the lighter the coating the less efficient the heat rejection will be. The darker the coating the more heat will be rejected.

Normally a standard application of 2 (non thinned) coats is required. Technical details as follows:-

Solar X Reflective Paint Technical Data:

Standard Colour White.
Dry film appearance Translucent matt
Spreading rate solid substrates 4 sq/mts p/lt
Spreading rate glass, polycarbonate etc 9-10 sq/meters/Litre @35 Micron. Coverage can vary dependent on various factors. The external temperature, substrate, if thinned, application method brush, roller or spray. All these factors can change the rate of coverage and 9 to 10 sq meters per two coats is an average based from our own usage and feedback from customers.
Touch dry @ 20C 20 to 40 minutes
Recoating time @ 20C 2 hours
Solids by volume 35% (+/-2%).
Application methods Brush, short piled emulsion roller (not a foam roller) or spray preferred. Can be thinned but not to exceed 10%.
Substrates Glass, polycarbonate, glassfibre and clear plastic.
Thinning application; tool cleaning Any solvent based paint thinners(xylene).
Efficiency. Reflects 85% solar heat and 90% of U.V. light with a 20% Transmission of daylight.
Flash point. 25 degrees C
Pack sizes. 2.5 litres
Shelf life. 12 months frost free
Minimum application temperature. 7C

Product benefits:

  • Reduces heat build up by approx 85%
  • Reduces UV Light by approx 90%
  • Easy to apply
  • Allows passage of light
  • Single pack material
  • Economical system

Description and recommended uses:

Solar x Reflective Paint is an ideal system for reducing heat build up , solar gain, glare and UV Light penetration.
A durable solvent-borne flexible resin system specially formulated to provide a cost effective solution in industrial and commercial working environments.

When dry this product provides a durable and flexible coating to glass, cladding,
polycarbonate, fibre sheeting, block work, fibre glass etc.

How to use:

  1. Stir well prior to use.
  2. Ensure the surface is free from loose and flaky debris.
  3. Solar Reflective paint is best applied by Spray gun, Brush or good quality emulsion Roller.
  4. For glass / polycarbonate etc. thin maximum 10% with thinners (Xylene) apply a thin coat.