Commercial Window Tinting

Commercial Window Tinting Provides an Economical and Quick Solution to all your Glazing Problems

Many people are of the opinion that window films are only useful when the weather is hot during the summer months. In reality this is not the case. In the summer months our heating systems are turned off allowing the external ambient temperature to heat the office. This is OK when the weather is dull. However if the windows face towards the sun, you have a serious problem of overheating when the sun shines. Once the office has reached the acceptable temperature it will not stop as you cannot switch off the sun’s heat. It will keep transmitting energy as heat into the building making it difficult and uncomfortable for personnel to work efficiently.

In contrast during the winter and spring months the overheating from the sun can cause a different problem. The buildings heating systemgenerates heat to an acceptable temperature for personnel to work comfortably. However, if the building is not sheltered by other buildings when the sun comes out then the heat increase is greater than that experienced in the summer as the angle of the sun is more direct.It is a fact that the sun’s heat input on the 21st December is double that of June 21st purely because the sun is at its lowest level at this time, therefore more direct heat enters through the glass. Where you have offices in a building facing North and South, we find the South facing complain it is too hot. If the heating system is turned down to compensate for this the personnel on the North face complain it is too cold. To compensate for this the heating systems is normally left so the south face offices put up with too much heat. In many instances staff start to open windows to cool the rooms down resulting is a waste of energy and an unnecessary loss of revenue. Then when the sun goes in the office become too cold. Staff believe that the heating system is never working correctly when it is actually the solar gain of energy through the glass creating the problem. This whole problem can be very easily rectified by the installation of commercial window film to the glass.

Solar X window film will reduce the imbalance of overheating from solar gain through the glass by as much as 75% therefore making a more agreeable working environment. Distressing glare which can result in eyestrain and headaches is reduced by as much as 82%. If you have expensive furnishings, carpets, curtains or pictures, any fading can be dramatically reduced by our films as they screen 99.9% of UV within the range.

There is a choice of film colours dependant on your particular problems.

Many people look at a sample of film and say “I like this one” however it may not be the right film for your specific problem. We at Solar X will guide and advise you on the most appropriate film to use. Of course it is the customer’s decision in the final part but it is no good installing a film that is not going to solve your problem and we will help you to make the right decision.

Most of Solar X sun control films will give a greater degree of privacy during day light hours. Vision from the outside looking in will be severely reduced therefore giving greater security. If you have office computers, particularly thosesituated at ground floor level, then film will reduce vision into these areas so equipment cannot be seen and this will lessenthe risks of a potential break-ins. In many instances where blinds have been fitted, these may not be needed if the correct film is installed. The film is designed to allow a person to work on a south elevation without the distressing overheating and glare and with the added benefits of safety & security.

Do I lose light?

This is a question that many customers ask. The short answer is yes! No-one wants to lose light, however if you have an overheating problem, you have got to be prepared to have the light source reduced. It is the light source that is causing the overheating. Glass is a poor insulator and allows the light to pass through. As soon as it strikes a surface within the building the energy is turned into a different form of heat. Once this heat gets into the building you cannot get rid of it without mechanical means. Therefore the light loss has to be accepted. In most instances our customers have previously got some form of protection from curtains or blinds. These would then be closed when the sun shines to reduce glare whilst also losing light. We consider it better for your personnel to be able to have film applied so they can see outside without blinds or curtains. Film would also assist with the heat problem alongside the glare.

Standard architectural sun control film colours are available in silver, smoke, grey, stainless steel, bronze, solar bronze, silver/grey, silver/bronze and silver/grey. Most come in two light densities dependant on the elevation of the building and your particular problems that need resolving.

If you have air conditioning and have an overheating problem when the sun shines, this is indicative that the problem is from solar gain through the glass. Solar X sun control film will take away as much as 75% of the solar gain therefore giving the air conditioning a chance to work correctly and efficiently as it is not struggling to cope with excessive solar gain.


It will also be more economical as the air conditioning will work more economically.
A study carried out a number of years ago stated that for every 1 degree above 70 degrees Fahrenheit that productivity and efficiency dropped off by 1%. When this gets to 80 degrees the loss goes up dramatically on the graph. Therefore it is vitally important to keep the temperature as near to the optimum of 68 degrees as possible so as not to lose vital monetary resources.

One of the most important aspects of window film is that it gives a building a tidier and more uniform appearance from the outside. Where blinds are being used you will find somewill be up, some down or blinds may be broken so the image from inside and outside is varied. Film will greatly improve the presentation and appearance of buildings and offices by the installation of window film.

All materials used are of the highest quality. They are all professional graded films and not economy based polyester. All products have a scratch resistant hard coat surface to reduce damage to the films surface, avoid surface scratches and to give the product a longer life.

Do you want to stop the sun’s heat with minimal light loss? A few years ago we would have said you were looking for utopia, as you cannot stop heat without light loss. Well things have changed. Using the latest cutting edge technology we can offer some films that will stop a higher degree of the sun’s heat with a minimal loss of light. These films are based on numerous ceramic coatings. An example is that with a visible light transmission (the amount of light entering through the glass) of 66% with a Total Solar Energy Reduction (TSER)47%. Therefore giving a higher rejection of the sun’s heat whilst maintaining a greater level of light.

The more popular films come in a variety of material widths from 36, 48 and 60 inches. The standard width for most films is 60inches with some materials going up to 72inches. When we calculate the material usage for an installation, we work out the most economical way of cutting the film.

The following are some of the major reasons for applying commercial window tints

  • Reduced heat through your windows allows you to work in comfort next to a window without the excessive heat directly on you.
  • Reduced glare alleviates eye strain and headaches by bounce back off of paper and surfaces. Again improves your comfort level whether reading or working with white paper next to a window.
  • UV reduced by 99% protecting you, your valuables, your furnishings, carpets and pictures.
  • Improved External AppearanceCommercial window tinting film improves the external appearance by giving your office or home a cleaner and more uniformlook. It gives your building a more modern look and 21st Century appearance when viewed from the outside.
  • Improved comfort level As the heat and glare is reduced to an acceptable level a person can work more efficiently by a window as the discomfort has been alleviated.
  • Energy Savings By reducing the heat input through the glass air conditioning it will work more efficiently as up to 75% of the heat gain through the glass has been taken away. Also the imbalance of temperatures will be improved giving a more acceptable living or working environment. The need for opening windows on a South elevation in the winter months and letting out expensive heat that has been generated is not needed as a more acceptable balance has been achieved on all elevations.
  • Greater Security You will have a safer and more secure home or building if the glass gets broken for any reason. Society seems to get more violent each year. Vandalism and break-ins are a common event and accidents do happen. If the glass gets broken you have a greater protection as the glass will be held together thereby reducing possible injury. Greater protection is given with the safety and security films. The standard sun control films do give a high degree of safety protection although if your main criteria are safety and security you must install from this range of films. If you are on a ground floor and have computers or valuables these can be better protected by the application of a combined security and sun control film, firstly to restrict vision into the building and secondly the give greater strength to the glass in the event of an attempted break-in.
  • Quick Installation The installation of window film is very quick so disruption is kept to a minimum. All we need is clear access to the windows. We have been installing window film for more than 45 years so we appreciate the need to work with our customers during installation and to ensure we cause no disruption to their working routine. We respect your security, privacy and attempt to ensure that we cause minimal disruption to your working routine whilst carrying out the installation in the most efficient way possible.
  • Guarantee We offer the best guarantees on the market. We have been here for more than 45 years so we are not here today gone tomorrow. The guarantee depends on which film is applied but ranges from 5 years up to 16 years. Please ask for full details.