Vehicle Window Tinting

blacked out vehicle window tinting film

Solar X is the leading window tinting company with 37 years’ experience in this industry. In fact we are probably the longest serving company in the window film industry within the UK.

Why window tinting? Here are some of the reasons:-

  • Glare is reduced by as much as 85% for rear seated passengers.
  • Excessive heat from the sun is reduced by as much as 70% therefore giving you a more pleasant and less fatiguing journey for both driver and passengers.
  • If you travel with animals in the boot area, excessive and dangerous heat and glare is reduced to protect them from the sun’s heat. Temperatures can soar very quickly in an enclosed vehicle which can cause dehydration and even death in some instances to an animal in the boot area, even whilst travelling along.
  • Ultra-Violet radiation is reduced by 99.9% therefore protecting all passengers from harmful rays from the sun.
  • Improved Safety for all within the car from flying glass in the event of an accident.
  • Increased security as vision is reduced into the vehicle, making it more difficult for prying eyes to see what valuables you have on display.
  • Dangerous headlight glare from vehicles travelling behind at night is reduced.
  • Gives your vehicle a more distinctive and superior appearance.
  • Helps maintain the market value – in fact, in many instances, it helps to increase it.
  • An inexpensive investment which will add more value to your vehicle.
  • A life time guarantee on the film as long as you remain the owner of the vehicle.

The above are just a few of the reasons why our customers have window film applied to their vehicles.

We do have various colours available, however we mainly stock the black and grey range of films. The reason for this is the film colour is neutral and will look great on all colours of vehicles. If a customer wants a different colour this is not a problem as we will happily oblige and install what the customer wants.

By applying window film you will be adding value, improving security and protecting both the driver and passengers within the vehicle.

We use the highest quality professional grade materials available on the market. They all come with a scratch resistant hard coat surface to give long life and serviceability. You will not find a better quality product, at such an affordable price and a full back up guarantee, from a company with excess of 37 years’ experience. All our films are state of the art technology and we are at the very cutting edge of the window film expertise to give you the very best products available.


By reducing vision into the vehicle, security is enhanced and a greater strength is given to the glass in the event of both accident and attempted break-in, protecting the vehicle and occupants.

It has been illegal since 2006 to treat the front passenger and driver’s windows (see for further details). The visible light transmission has got to be 75% through the front screen and 70% for the windows in front of the “B” post. No tinted window films can legally be applied to these windows. As most of our customers want more protection to the front driver’s and passenger’s windows, we recommend the use of our clear “anti-bandit film” which is a clear 8 thou film which protects this window in the event of an attempted break-in. The glass acts very similar to your laminated front windscreen. The glass will take a greater impact before it breaks however the glass will have to be continually hit before entry through the glass can be achieved. All this takes time and there is considerable noise involved. This is a deterrent in itself and should reduce the risk of the potential entry into the vehicle resulting in the thief giving up or being disturbed.

As the front driver and passenger windows are the most vulnerable, the windows are toughened, the glass breaks very easily and it is simple for the glass to be pushed in and entry gained into the vehicle. It only takes a few seconds to break the glass, push in and enter into the vehicle. The glass when treated with the anti-bandit film acts like laminated glass, it slows down possible entry into the vehicle dramatically.

All our films comply with the latest UK and European Standards.

Ultra-Violet – Damaging rays!

UVA – the “aging” and cancer rays. UVA contributes to aging and in addition wrinkles and sunspots, they can also cause melanoma. Melanoma is the most dangerous type of skin cancer. UVB – The “burning” rays. Mostly absorbed in the top skin layer causing sunburn, they also contribute to the risk of basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and malignant carcinoma. UVC is the most dangerous of all but are stopped by the Earth’s ozone layer in the atmosphere. Most consumers use the term “sun protection factor” (SPF). Our films when measured by an outside independent laboratory gave our window films a SPF of 285+ and some films offer even higher protection. A single application of our films can offer our customers year round protection. As all our films screen out 99% of the damaging broad spectrum UV rays, both UVA and UVB provide a SPF of 285+. The harmful rays and any potential damage are drastically reduced. The film will also protect your vehicle by reducing any damage caused by fading and helping to maintain the value and looks of your vehicle.

What many people do not realize is how the damaging UVA and UVB rays which can cause so many skin problems enter through the glass while you and your passengers are sat in the vehicle. You will have a higher degree of protection with the application of any of our films.

So, to recap, by window tinting your vehicle you will be protecting it and improving the aesthetic appearance. Both driver and occupants will benefit from reduce heat, glare and UV resulting in a more pleasurable and comfortable journey. Reduced Ultra-Violet will help to maintain the interior furnishing, dashboard seats and carpets.

Tinted vehicle windows – the rule

If you have a vehicle that has heavily tinted windows in the front, you are risking prosecution by the police. The windows that must have the correct amount of tint are the front windscreen and the two windows to either side of the driver.

The windows that matter

  • The law requires that the windows on the vehicle allow at least:
  • 75 per cent of light through the front windscreen
  • 70 per cent of light through the front side windows

In most modern vehicles there is a slight tint added to the windows when they are made. If you add any more tint it’s likely to result in the windows failing to meet the legal requirements.

The rules on tinted windows don’t apply to the rear windscreen or the rear passenger windows.

Make sure you can see where you’re going

Window tints will restrict your ability to see the more vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists, especially in low light conditions. Visibility problems are particularly bad around dawn and dusk or the sudden onset of bad weather when light levels change quickly.



The penalties for having wrongly tinted windows

The police and vehicle examiners from the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency use light measuring equipment to measure window tints.

If you drive a vehicle with heavily tinted front windows you may be subject to enforcement action. This could be a prohibition notice, stopping you from using your vehicle on the road until you have had the extra window tint removed. If you are stopped by the police you may also get a penalty notice or a court summons.



Selling your vehicle

It is an offence to sell a vehicle with heavily tinted front windows. The police or Trading Standards could prosecute you for doing so.



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