Ecolux 70 Solar Gard

Multi-Benefit Window Film

Over the past 40 years window films have solved many building problems of over-heating and glare issues. Not just during the summer months but in fact all year round. The imbalance within a building can and has caused many problems for the building owner and occupier. The sun when it does appear can cause discomfort and many more staffing problems.

Window films have saved the day in many instances. However the one disadvantage is the loss of light on a dull or rainy day. Most customers have accepted the loss of day light during this time as previously they have had blinds installed.  On a sunny day they block out most of the light by closing the blinds. At least with a window film when it is sunny you have non-restricted vision through the glass whilst a greater control of the excessive heat gain and glare through the glass giving the occupant a greater  improved comfort level.

Swings and round-abouts.

Do you prefer to be able to see out through your window on a sunny day and be comfortable from any heat and glare input or would you rather block out the light at these times?

Most of our customers prefer to accept the loss of light and accept when it is dull it is going to be some degree darker with the film.

 Well now you can have the best of both worlds!

Ecolux 70 Solar Gard

Ecolux 70 Solar Gard

With Ecolux 70 you can have a greater amount of day light whilst at the same time controlling the heat input by up to 53%. Not only that, but the light loss is minimal giving almost a clear view through the window. Also due the latest window film technology you have savings of up to 41% on single glass and 30% on a double glazed unit. If you have an air conditioned building the savings are even greater.

If you are a building owner and looking to refurbishment. Due to the strict building regulations regarding energy savings and reduced carbon levels the chances are that the glazing needs to be replaced to comply with the regulation. This puts a tremendous additional cost onto the refurbishment budget. It makes sense to look at Ecolux film application as this could upgrade the glass to the required regulation without the need to replace the glass. It could give a very dramatic reduction in the refurbishment costs and the film what’s more the film comes with a 16 year guarantee.

Worth giving it a very serious investigation to see how we can save you money.

Ecolux 70 film does it all.

You are about to discover the window film that does it all.

Ecolux 70 environmentally film helps our customers to achieve energy and carbon savings  by improving U-Factors performance by up to 41%.

A low-e coating is combined with sun control properties has developed an outstanding innovative technology window-insulating film that outperforms standard sun control window films.

Look at the Benefits you will achieve.

Improved comfort level.

Provides a more even and comfortable temperature for  all seasons, both day and night.

Energy Savings

All year round savings with a reduction in carbon usage.

Visual Appearance.

If your building is listed building where the external appearance cannot be changed, Ecolux  may well be the solution as this will not change the external appearance.

Allows Natural Day Light

Prevents hot spots.

Clear high visibility view through the glass.

Minimal heat build-up from the sun from the outside.

Ultra-Violet Protection

A Reduction of 99% from the Ultra-violet radiation to protect and reduce the risk of skin cancer and fading of furniture, fabrics and floorings.

Improved U-Factor

Works Immediately after installation.

Improves the insulation value of your windows up to 41%.

Visible Light
Transmittance % 68 61
Reflectance Exterior % 13 19
Reflectance Interior % 4 8
Glare reduction % 24 24
Solar Energy
Transmittance % 42 36
Absorbance % 33 40
Reflectance % 25 24
Ecolux 70 Performance 4mm Single 4mm Double
Total Solar Energy Rejected % 53 51
Solar Heat Gain coefficient 0.47 0.49
Summer solar Heat Gain Reduction % 44 34
Light to Solar gain ratio (VLT/SHGC) 1.44 1.26
Thermal Energy
Emissivity 0.09 0.09
Winter U-Factor (W/m2Degree C) 3.45 1.93
Winter Heat Loss Reduction % 41 29
Ultraviolet Light
Blocked @ 300 380 nm % >99 >99
Physical Properties Nonimal
Gauge 75 Micron