Window Tinting and Safety and Security Film

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Many of our customers have a variety of problems relating to glass in the home. Some have glare, some it is too hot and some that carpets, curtains, pictures and furniture are getting damaged by the sun’s heat. Some have had break-ins and their property damaged and personal effects stolen.

Glass is around us 24/7, in the home, in the office, in your vehicle. In fact it is everywhere. We take it for granted however it can cause some people extreme problems.

It can cause headaches from the glare and too much heat makes it uncomfortable when trying to relax in your in your lounge or conservatory if you face towards the sun.

With regards to security, glass is the most vulnerable weakness in the home, in the car and in the work place. This is normally where the criminal will attempt to gain access into your property. Some glass in patio doors, due to the safety regulations toughened glass is fitted as standard. This is fine as a safety aspect however with regards to security it can cause an easy access for a criminal deciding to break-in. All that is needed is to tap the glass with a pointed object and the glass will break. Due to the safety aspect of the glass it breaks in what is called a “break-safe” manner. This is good if the glass gets broken accidentally as it protects the occupant from serious injury by breaking into smaller particles. However it also protects the criminal from injury also. They just need to push the glass in to gain access into your home.He only needs a few minutes to gain access. You need to check with your glass supplier if your glass is toughened or laminated (it should be indicated with a kite mark in one of the corners of the glass, on each pane). For better protecting it is recommended laminated glass be fitted. Ask yourself, why do car thief’s break-in through the side windows and not the windscreen.

Answer: most screens are laminated glass! Plus the fact it is more difficult with regards ease of access. The glass in the side windows in a car are easy as it breaks into small particles and the car thief only needs to push the glass in and he has gained entry the same applies in the home, which takes almost no time at all.

To combat this there is a very quick and simple remedy – the application of clear safety/security film to the glass alters the glass to act similar to laminated glass. Application is quick and very simple giving you better protection in your home.

If your problem is heat, glare and fading, we have a range of films to solve your particular needs Whether it is a reflective, semi-reflective or tinted film we offer full advice and recommendation as to which is the best film to satisfy your particular problem.

If have a heat – glare – security/safety problem, we offer films that combine in thickness to give full protection from the sun’s heat, glare while also giving peace of mind of security protection with the application of one film. You will also have 99% protection against Ultra-Violet the damaging rays against fading protecting all your furnishings.

We offer a full guarantee against peeling crazing and cracking for a minimum of 5 years from the manufacturer from date of application. Some films we guarantee of up to 15 years. We offer the same time guarantee as from the manufacturer against installation defects. In all you have total peace of mind as you are protected by a company who has been in the same business since 1975.