Monthly Archives: May 2018

Saved us a considerable cost

We have a small warehouse and distribution facility in the north of the UK which stores product that should be maintained below 25C. The site has a partial glass roof which, as expected acts as a greenhouse in the summer and we experienced many cases of the temperature getting higher than 25C. We tried several solutions such as reducing the height that product is stored and installation of fans. We had drawn the conclusion that the only way we were going to maintain a temperature below 25C was to install air-con at a cost of £30,000. Thankfully we decided to look at reflective paint and it has been brilliant……it has cut our temperature issue from having 6-8 excursions a year to only 1 or 2 and it saved us a considerable cost. It has lasted really well and only now after 4 years are we having to repaint some of the windows!!

Industrial installation of Solar X Solar Reflective Paint.